CAIRA: Current Research Activities at JMU

Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psychotherapy Prof. Dr. Paul Pauli
Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology Prof. Dr. Philip Kollmannsberger, Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer, Prof. Dr. Juliano Sarmento Cabral, Prof. Dr. Arthur Korte
Center for Philology and Digitality Prof. Dr. Ulrich Konrad, Prof. Dr. Dag Nikolaus Hasse, Prof. Dr. Fotis Jannidis, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho, Prof. Dr. Frank Puppe
Center for Telematics Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling
Chair for Economics, especially Labour Market Economics Prof. Christina Felfe
Chair for School Pedagogy Prof. Dr. Silke Grafe
Chair of Algorithms, Complexity, and Knowledge Based Systems Prof. Dr. Dietmar Seipel
Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science Prof. Dr. Frank Puppe
Chair of Bioinformatics Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar
Chair of Business Administration and Business Informatics Prof. Dr. Axel Winkelmann
Chair of Business Administration, Staff, and Organization Prof. Dr. Thomas Zwick
Chair of Business Informatics and Systems Development Prof. Dr. Frédéric Thiesse
Chair of Computer Philology and Modern German Literary History Prof. Dr. Fotis Janidis
Chair of Data Science Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
Chair of Econometrics Prof. Dr. Martin Kukuk
Chair of Human-Computer Interaction Prof. Dr. Marc Erich Latoschik
Chair of Information Systems and Information Management Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Flath
Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods in Business Administration Prof. Dr. Richard Pibernik
Chair of Media Psychology Dr. Astrid Carolus
Chair of Robotics and Telematics Prof. Dr. Andreas Nüchter
Chair of Scientific Computing Prof. Dr. Alfio Borzi
Digitization Center for Precision and Telemedicine (DZ.PTM) Prof. Dr. Frank Puppe, Prof. Dr. Marc Erich Latoschik, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
Junior Professorship for Empirical Research in Regional and External Trade JProf. Dr. Wolfgang Dauth
Junior Professorship for Human-Technology Systems JProf. Dr. Carolin Wienrich
Professorship for Media Informatics Prof. Dr. Birgit Lugrin
Research Group Games Engineering Prof. Dr. Sebastian von Mammen
Research Group High Energy Astrophysics and Astro-Particle Physics Prof. Dr. Karl Mannheim
Service Center Research and Technology Transfer (SFT) Christoph Cusumano, Stan Pilischenko
Würzburg Institute for Transport Sciences (WIVW) -